Tolure kosmetik Vippeserum - 3 ml - Tolure hairplus
Tolure kosmetik Vippeserum - 3 ml - Tolure hairplus
Tolure kosmetik Vippeserum - 3 ml - Tolure hairplus
Tolure kosmetik Vippeserum - 3 ml - Tolure hairplus

Eyelash serum - 3 ml - Tolure hairplus

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This serum actually works! We have tested it ourselves and it gives such long lashes. However, it must be said that it works differently on all people. The serum is a 2-in-1 serum for both lashes and brows, so you can combine it with whatever you want. It must be applied once a day and visible results should be achieved already after the first 3 weeks.

The serum has a special composition which stimulates and strengthens the function of hair follicles and thus supports their natural growth.


  • If you want to achieve the most optimal result, you should not apply it more than once a day. It is best to do it in the morning before you put your makeup on or in the evening after you have removed your makeup.
  • The eyelash serum can cause a little redness at the start and therefore you can use it for a few days in the first week to allow the skin to get used to the product. Finally, be careful not to hit the eye, if it should happen then blame immediately.
  • It is recommended to take a break after about 6 weeks, of 1-2 weeks

Size: 3 ml

Ingredients: Tolure Hairplus contains vitamins A, C and E, which protect your skin and give it the nutrients it needs. Ginseng extract has been added, which maximizes the hair's natural growth potential. The soothing, soothing and moisturizing panthenol as well as flower and fruit extracts make your lashes and brows smooth and supple, while irritated skin is soothed.

Tolure Hairplus is dermatologically tested and 100 percent animal cruelty free.

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