Sissel Edelbo Accessories Sissel Edelbo - Karma Kantha Pillow 50x50 - No.309

Sissel Edelbo - Karma Kantha Pillow 50x50 - No.309

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Karma Kantha Suzani Cushion (50x50) Add a colorful touch to your home with this beautiful and unique Karma Kantha Suzani Cushion. This pillow is recycled from a kantha rug with suzani embroidery all over.

This Suzani product is not only filled with beautiful colors - the embroidery is also handmade. Suzani embroidery is created by Indian artisans who use the tambourine to create a unique, vibrant and beautiful Suzani embroidery pattern. The name "Suzani" is derived from the Persian word "su-zan," meaning needle. Our Indian artisans use a notched needle instrument called a tambour to create the complex chain stitch characteristic of Suzani embroidery. When you buy our Suzani embroidered styles, you support local artisans and responsible slow fashion.

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